COVID-19 Relief

COVID-19 has unearthed deep fault lines in our society – from our economy, to our health care system, to education and more. Disparities in health care access, paid sick leave, environmental quality, in the employment market, child care, and in housing have led to the disproportionate rates of infection and death among people of color in our country, state, and especially within the 2nd Congressional District.

I’m proud of the work I’ve done in the state senate with my staff, including advising decision makers in regards to disaster response, securing personal protective equipment for the most vulnerable, and working with constituents to get them access to the services they need throughout the pandemic.

In Congress, we need a COVID response that protects working families, small businesses, frontline workers, and those hit hardest by the pandemic.

As your Congresswoman, I will: 


  • We must increase vaccine availability in hard-hit communities while taking equity into account. We must base vaccine distribution plans on factors such as COVID-19 impact and socioeconomic, demographic, and occupational characteristics.
  • I will push for a federal mandate to collect complete, high-quality race and ethnicity data when administering vaccinations. If booster vaccines are needed in the future, we must learn from the racial inequities present in our initial rollout.


  • The COVID-19 crisis is a national emergency, and Congress must do everything we can to make sure we’re sending resources to those hurting most. 
  • I will fight for comprehensive COVID-19 relief, including recurring, $2,000 stimulus checks for every person each month through the end of this crisis. This would offer an opportunity to study the impacts of a potential Universal Basic Income program.
  • I will support making significant, immediate grants and loans to help small businesses make payroll, pay rent and other expenses, and keep their doors open when possible. We must ensure that small businesses are able to get the relief they need to reopen safely, smartly, and stay open. 
  • I will prioritize support for Black entrepreneurs, other entrepreneurs of color, and women, including by expanding funding for community development financial institutions (CDIFS) and other proven programs that invest in low-income communities and communities of color. 
  • I’ll support the RESTAURANTS Act to provide our local independent restaurants with the dollars they need to continue to feed our families and pay their employees.
  • I will ensure that federal dollars are spent to keep workers on payroll, not enriching CEOs or shareholders. We must impose rigorous oversight on big corporations seeking financial assistance to weather this pandemic.
  • I will work to rectify disparities in the economic effects of the pandemic. Few have been impacted more than women of color. In December 2020, Black and Latina women accounted for all net job losses.


  • Other countries have safety nets – the U.S. has women. During this pandemic, women have been more likely to lose their jobs, face health disparities, and take on more household responsibilities. Women of color in the 2nd Congressional District are in a double bind: they face the highest risk of job loss AND the highest rate of low-paying, essential jobs. While we rebuild from this crisis, we have to fight for an equitable recovery for women and mothers.
  • I will work to establish high-quality, free child care and universal preschool through federal investment.
  • I will fight to guarantee all workers access to permanent, comprehensive paid family, medical, and sick leave.
  • I will push to increase funding for child care assistance at the state and local levels to support both families struggling to afford child care for their young children and rebounding businesses who need access to a reliable workforce. 
  • I’ll fight to maintain expanded eligibility for essential workers to the Child Care Assistance Program, enabling parents in our most critical fields to afford quality care while they work. 
  • I will push to direct any additional COVID-19 related federal investments toward supporting child care providers with keeping their doors open and rates affordable as they balance increased health and safety requirements, higher operational costs, and lower enrollment capacities.

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