Every child deserves a quality education that sets them up to succeed, regardless of zip code. Throughout my career, I’ve been guided by the notion that we must do right by the children in our community, and in order for them to succeed, they need a quality, strong public education system. 

As your Congresswoman, I will:


  • For far too long, teachers have been underpaid and underappreciated by our government. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve once again overcome impossible odds. Now, we owe it to them and their students to remove these systemic obstacles and unleash the potential of the next generation.
  • I will support Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton’s legislation to establish a grant program to assist States in establishing or expanding universal prekindergarten in public schools.
  • I will work to ensure that all students, regardless of zip code or the color of their skin, have access to college and career opportunities.
  • I will advocate for affordable child care and increased pay for our teachers and caregivers.
  • I will support investing in resources to support teachers and students, like access to technology and broadband, especially in rural areas.
  • I will prioritize workforce training for opportunities for students in clean energy, healthcare and the innovative industries of tomorrow. 


  • The 2nd Congressional District is home to some of the premier universities in the South – Xavier, Dillard, Southern, LSU, UNO, Delgado, River Parish Community Colleges, Holy Cross, Tulane, and Loyola – but for too many families, the price tag makes the dream of college a financial nightmare.
  • I will push to pass Representative Pramila Jayapal’s College for All Act to make public colleges and community colleges tuition-free while also providing generous grants to eliminate or significantly reduce tuition for eligible students at private universities, especially historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).
  • I will utilize our universities as vehicles for economic development. This includes existing projects like Dillard University’s quantum computing research in partnership with IBM, as well as opportunities for expanding the solar, wind, agriculture, and water industries.
  • I will fight for the cancelation of all student loan debt to make sure nobody gets punished for trying to build a better life.
  • I will fight to expand access to higher education through Pell Grants and tax credits.
  • I will reinstate Pell Grants for incarcerated students.
  • I will fight for federal investment in Louisiana’s world-class historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).


  • COVID-19 has laid bare the inequities in our school system. Now more than ever, access to technology and a stable learning environment are key to success in school. Too many students lack the internet access they need for virtual learning. 
  • In Congress, I will work to provide investments in technology and broadband.
  • I will fight hard to make sure every student has the same opportunity to reach their full potential and ensure our school system has the resources and funding needed to make up for all the lost instructional time during covid. 
  • I will support continued COVID-19 relief to help schools reopen safely, offer resources to support students who need to catch up, and support for colleges and universities as they bring students back to campus. 

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