America’s healthcare system is fundamentally broken, and the COVID-19 pandemic we’re facing has exposed even more of the failures. Right now, families are going bankrupt from medical bills, Black women are dying at disproportionate rates in childbirth, and too many are forced to beg their neighbors and friends for expensive treatment. In the legislature, I proudly served on President Obama’s White House Task Force on the Affordable Care Act and fought to expand Medicaid to over 600,000 Louisianans. This was an essential first step that showed us the benefit of publicly funded healthcare. Now, it’s time for Medicare for All.

As your Congresswoman, I will:


  • It is too costly to delay passing Medicare for All. Each year, corporations make billions in profits while Americans die of preventable diseases and face financial bankruptcy just to survive. Looking across the world, we know what system works best, and now it’s time to deliver healthcare as a human right to the American people.
  • I will support Rep. Jayapal and Rep. Dingell’s Medicare for All Act of 2021. Medicare For All, a single-payer health insurance program, will eliminate copays, deductibles, and premiums and will cover medical, dental, vision, hearing, prescription drugs, maternity care, comprehensive mental health services and substance abuse treatment. Medicare For All will also lower prescription drug prices by allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices and issue compulsory licenses to allow generic production if a pharmaceutical company refuses to negotiate.
  • I will take aggressive action to address the maternal mortality crisis. In Louisiana, 72 Black women died for every 100,000 births – the highest number in the nation. Medicare for All will increase access to quality care, confront the racial and gender disparities in our system, and invest in health infrastructure so every community has access to care.


  • Every person should have the freedom to make their own decisions about their health, families, and future. I’ll push to protect and expand access to health care  – including reproductive care like abortion services.
  • I will fight for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which currently forbids federal funding from going towards abortion services. In Louisiana, this is devastating for Medicaid-recipients, who are forced to pay out-of-pocket for necessary medical care.

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