Any Louisianan who has had to deal with potholes, boil advisories due to water main leaks, and unreliable or nonexistent public transit knows that we have to take action. We’re long overdue to repair and update Louisiana’s crumbling roads, bridges, water systems, and more. 

As your Congresswoman, I will: 


  • A strong public transit system is essential for livable communities. People deserve easy access to their jobs and to services such as health care, shopping, and entertainment. Federal investment in transit infrastructure and maintenance projects can ensure affordable, efficient, and reliable transit as well as reduce harmful emissions.
  • I will revive federal support for a high speed rail corridor between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. This public transit project – scrapped by Bobby Jindal – is vital to protecting and strengthening local economies, will provide thousands of jobs, and will dramatically ease the growing congestion of the District 2 corridor.
  • I will ensure that transportation authorities prioritize equity in their services. 


  • We must effectively regulate the withdrawal of water from the Southern Hills Aquifer so that saltwater encroachment can be reduced and the supply of fresh groundwater can be sustained. In Congress, I will support regulations that protect our drinking water from industrial exploitation.
  • Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District faces a health crisis from our drinking water. The preventable and unrectified tragedy in Flint, Michigan, demonstrates the need for significant public investment in our water systems.
  • I will support an infrastructure bill that provides funding to improve our water supply system, reduce water main leaks, and replace lead service lines so all families have healthy, usable drinking water.


  • The U.S. Postal Service is the most popular agency in the federal government and is an essential service, delivering vital medicines, ecommerce packages, and 65 million mail-in ballots in the last election. 
  • I will support the Postal Banking Act to ensure to grant USPS the power to provide basic financial services. Millions of poor and working-class Americans are locked out of traditional financial systems. We need a “public-option” for banking.
  • I will push to ensure a vibrant public postal service by repealing the onerous pre-funding mandate responsible for the bulk of the USPS’ recent financial losses

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