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Updated: March 31, 2021 

Karen Carter Peterson is the leader that we can trust to deliver for women and working families like she has over her 21 years in public service. She is an independent voice that will hold government officials accountable and make sure that we have the resources that we need to recover from the crisis created by COVID-19. 


Black Voters and White Progressive voters within the 2nd Congressional district need to see a contrast:  After the protests following George Floyd’s murder, Troy Carter wrote a resolution wholeheartedly defending police no matter the circumstances. He supports Stop and Frisk and is opposed to police reform. Karen Carter Peterson is a fighter with a track record of getting things done for women and working families. In the state legislature, Karen ensured families could rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. She fought for a quality education system that put children and teachers first. When Republicans refused to expand health care to hundreds of thousands of people in our community, she did something about it and led the fight to get Medicaid Expansion done. And in Congress she’ll do the same – Karen is a leader we can trust to deliver for Louisiana families and expand Medicare for all.

Young Black voters and White Women who are non-GOP voters need to read and see on the go that Karen Carter Peterson has been endorsed by Gary Chambers and Stacey Abrams. And that Karen Carter Peterson knows the importance of women advocating for each other and the issues they care about. When members of her own party wanted to ban women’s access to reproductive health care even in case of rape or incest, Karen led the resistance against it. When a member of her own party was charged with domestic abuse, Karen forced the state senator to resign. If elected the first black woman to represent this district in Congress, Karen will continue to fearlessly elevate the issues that impact women and their families. Her opponent, Troy Carter does not support the Green New Deal and has taken thousands of dollars in corporate campaign contributions from companies that pollute the environment. The same corporations that poisoned our community in Cancer Alley. And Troy Carter took tens of thousands of dollars from the federal government meant for rebuilding after Katrina but left his properties in disrepair. Troy Carter is not on our side. 

Black Women voters need to read that after the protests following George Floyd’s murder, Troy Carter wrote a resolution wholeheartedly defending police no matter the circumstances. He supports Stop and Frisk and is opposed to police reform and that Troy Carter is being backed by a number of right-wing Republicans and even has a Trump Republican super PAC helping him. They are backing Troy Carter because they know he will further their agenda, not ours.


Proof point

Medicaid expansion:

Carter Peterson’s Proposal To Offer Government-Subsidized Health Insurance To The Working Poor Through ACA Was Rejected. “State senators rejected a proposal on Monday for Louisiana to offer government-subsidized health insurance to the working poor through the federal health overhaul law known as the Affordable Care Act. The 7-3 vote by the Senate Finance Committee largely fell along party lines, with all but one Republican voting against tapping into the federal Medicaid dollars available for the health coverage. Sen. Karen Carter Peterson’s bill would have required the state health department to seek federal approval for a program using the Medicaid expansion dollars to provide private insurance coverage to adults making up to 138 percent of the poverty level less than $32,000 for a family of four. The federal government would cover much of the cost.” [AP State & Local Wire, 05/20/13]

Reproductive Rights:

Carter Peterson Gave Fervent Speech Opposing Constitutional Amendment To Defend Abortion Restrictions. “When Louisianans go to the polls in November 2020 to vote for president, they will also be faced with a ballot measure asking them to decide whether the state constitution should protect abortion rights or funding for the procedure. Lawmakers on Tuesday gave final passage to a constitutional amendment aimed at eventually defending abortion restrictions, part of a wave of abortion bills being passed in Louisiana and across the country this year. […] State Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, chair of the state’s Democratic party, gave a fervent speech opposing the measure, decrying its lack of exceptions for rape and incest. The Legislature this session has held multiple debates over whether to add exemptions for victims of rape and incest, but lawmakers have ultimately opted not to include them.” [The Advocate, 06/05/19]

Families rebuild post Katrina:

Carter Peterson Questioned Whether Federal Funds To Protect Homes From Hurricanes Was Reaching Those Who Suffered The Most During Katrina. “Lawmakers are questioning whether federal funds to protect homes from hurricanes are reaching those who suffered the most during Hurricane Katrina and other storms. Sens. Karen Carter Peterson and Ed Murray  both New Orleans Democrats  said at a meeting of the Select Committee on Hurricane Recovery that many homeowners are postponing improvements as they wait to receive funds from the Hazard Mitigation Program. Peterson said the Office of Community Development has not clearly indicated to applicants whether they will receive a grant. ‘I think that, in some instances, people are being strung along and they’re not being given full information about what their status is,” she said. “Many people will never receive anything, despite the state’s promises.’” [AP State & Local Wire, 04/28/11]

Carter Peterson Suggested That Jindal Send Remaining $250M To Parishes So They Can Run Own Home-Lifting Programs. “Gov. Bobby Jindal’s beleaguered $750 million home elevation program is facing new troubles, with most of the firms in the home-raising game saying they’re unable to meet new bonding requirements imposed to protect homeowners, and the head of the biggest firm facing charges that he lied about his record when seeking his contractor’s license. […] State Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, D-New Orleans, the chairwoman of the Select Legislative Committee on Hurricane Recovery, suggested that it is time for the state to ‘get out of the elevation business’ and send the remaining $250 million to parishes so they can run their own home-lifting programs. She pointed out that when FEMA recently sent the state an additional $390 million in hazard mitigation money, the Jindal administration decided to send it all to parishes. Forbes agreed with Peterson’s statement that parish programs have run far more efficiently and without scandal.” [Times-Picayune, 12/02/11]

Carter Peterson Criticized Jindal’s Decision To Redirect Disaster Recovery Money For Home Owner Subsidies To Mercedes-Benz Superdome. “Disaster recovery money intended to provide subsidies for first-time homebuyers is being redirected to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, state officials told lawmakers Monday night. The money represents some of the federal funds aimed at helping the state recover after Hurricane Katrina that have not yet been spent. The decision to send money to a stadium rather than provide it to homeowners, and the slow pace with which money is still being provided to residents, fueled the ire of members of the Select Committee on Hurricane Recovery. ‘Why would Superdome operations or capital be more important than getting people back in their homes to the government?’ asked Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, D-New Orleans. ‘Help me understand that prioritization.’ […] Peterson said the decision was particularly galling that Gov. Bobby Jindal has turned down federal money for rail projects and other improvements in Louisiana. ‘Repeatedly, this administration has said ‘no’ to federal dollars — but today they said ‘yes’ to federal dollars to repair the Superdome,’ Peterson said.” [Times-Picayune, 03/27/12]

Abrams Endorsement

Stacey Abrams endorses Karen Carter Peterson for Louisiana’s U.S. House seat


Troy Carter’s Support for Police

In October 2020, Troy Carter Wrote a Resolution That “Establishes Support For Law Enforcement And Police Departments And Prohibits Any Notion To Defund Law Enforcement Or Police Departments In The State.” 

Troy Carter wrote and sponsored SR 54 Which Established Support For And Prohibited Any Notion To Defund Law Enforcement Or Police Departments In Louisiana. In October 2020, Carter sponsored SR 54 which established support for and prohibited any notion to defund law enforcement or police departments in Louisiana.  [SR 54, Louisiana State Legislature, Accessed 1/29/21]

Troy Carter said “We fully support our police departments.”
“We fully support our police departments. We adamantly reject any notion of defunding our police departments,” said New Orleans Democratic Sen. Troy Carter, a former city council member. ‘Our concerns here are about overreach,” Carter continued. “This is not a tool to be used for somebody’s political advancement.” [The Advocate, 10/22/20]

Troy Carter Backed Stop and Frisk Policies
On The Same Day Sheriff  Harry Lee Endorsed Troy Carter, Lee Reinstituted A Stop And Frisk-Like Policy, Which Carter Defended: “The Sheriff Also Said He Is Going To Arrest Bad People. If They Happen To Be Black, If They Happen To Be White, Then So Be It.” “Turning to Troy Carter, Snell noted that on the same day Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee endorsed him for the 2nd District seat, Lee reinstituted his ‘policy of stopping (people) randomly . . . in a way that the critics have said is racial profiling.’ Snell suggested the practice might offend African-American voters. Carter defended Lee, saying the sheriff has admitted that “sometimes the words come out of his mouth a little different than what he means.” ‘I think the sheriff made it very clear that he is not racially profiling,’ Carter said, noting that Lee has committed to working with the NAACP and African-American ministers to curb crime. ‘The sheriff also said he is going to arrest bad people. If they happen to be black, if they happen to be white, then so be it.’” [Times-Picayune, 11/2/2006]


Carter Was Endorsed in 2006 By Sheriff Harry Lee, Who Praised Carter For His “Long-Standing Commitment To Law Enforcement.” “Notably absent from the Jefferson-based lovefest for Shepherd was Sheriff Harry Lee. At the exact time that Chehardy and others huddled in Gretna to back Shepherd, Lee was in the news media center of his Harvey headquarters announcing his support for former New Orleans City Councilman Troy Carter. After years of supporting William Jefferson, Lee said he based his 2006 decision on Carter’s long-standing commitment to law enforcement and concerns over the incumbent’s legal woes stemming from a federal bribery investigation. Lee called Jefferson a friend but said he thinks Carter would do the best job of lobbying for Louisiana to receive federal assistance to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. The sheriff said he’s supporting Carter instead of Shepherd because he has a better working relationship with Carter. ‘If I have to work with somebody in Congress, I’d much prefer to work with Troy than with any other candidate,’ Lee said. Carter, an Algiers Democrat, called Lee’s endorsement a clear sign that Jefferson and Orleans can work together to address the problems plaguing both parishes. ‘I want to thank the sheriff for this huge vote of confidence,’ said Carter, who is trailing Jefferson in most polls. ‘I think it sends a message. . . . It’s important that we send a message to the rest of the world that we are united.’” [Times-Picayune, 11/1/2006]

Troy Carter Would Not Support the Green New Deal

When Directly Asked, Troy Carter Would Not Support the Green New Deal. “We asked Senator Troy A. Carter yesterday if he supports the #GreenNewDeal. He wouldn’t answer yes or no. More hurricanes threaten our homes than ever before. Oil and gas companies kill more people in Cancer Alley every day. And Carter couldn’t even commit to the GND. The people of #LA02 deserves better.” [Sunrise Movement New Orleans, 3/6/2021]

Troy Carter Has Taken Thousands from fossil fuel industry. [FEC.gov accessed 3/30/21]

Troy Carter Has Taken Thousands from Corporate PACs. [FEC.gov accessed 3/30/21]

Troy Carter Took Thousands from the Federal Government but Left his own properties in disrepair.

In 2009, Carter received $59,000 in federal Hurricane Katrina recovery funds for the property. [Nola.com, 1/27/21]

“In July 2018, a city administrative hearing officer ruled that the owner, state Sen. Troy Carter, had committed 14 code violations and ordered him to pay $7,075 within 30 days. The problems continued. In November 2019, a fire broke out in the second floor of the two-story structure, leaving a blackened eyesore that remains unoccupied. Until this week, the front door was unsecured. Carter owes $24,160 in penalties and taxes on the property, according to the city. “He doesn’t care about his community,” said Hank Drennon, an artist who lives two doors from Carter’s blighted property. “He just cares about the photo ops and his next election.” [Nola.com, 1/27/21]

Troy Carter is Endorsed by Louisiana Republicans

Louisiana Republican GNORPAC endorsed Troy Carter on March 26th. [Twitter.com, 3/26/21]
State and local Trump Republican elected officials endorsed Troy Carter.

[Facebook.com, 3/12/21]

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